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Transparent Brown Rhinestones Jellies 2mm - 6mm You pick Size

Transparent Brown Rhinestones Jellies 2mm - 6mm You pick Size

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Are you looking to add some sparkle to your life?
These stones are great on phone cases, shoes, pictures frames and so
much more! They are flatback and work with e6000 so you are able to glue them to just about any surface you can imagine!
Gorgeous high quality 14 facet flat back resin rhinestones provide
a great sparkle without the weight of glass or crystals stones.
**NOTE: Because we source our gemstones in bulk bags by weight, then quantity, the actual number of pieces you will receive is a very close approximation.

Some of the stones may be stuck together. This is a result from the manufacturer. This issue can be resolved be pinching the stones between your fingers, or using tweezers to break them apart. Once apart they in perfect condition.
Not all of the stones are stuck together, just some of them.

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